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Business Reinforcement and Business Development


1. Strategic Planning.
2. Business Diagnostics.
3. Development of Organizational and Operational Manuals.
4. Management Information Systems.
5. Costing and Business Financial Analysis.
6. Business Plans and Market Studies.
7. Economic and Labor Economics Research.


Strategic Planning
Facilitate Strategic Planning Processes for the definition of the relevant business strategy for a planning timeframe of 3 to 5 years, as well as supporting the implementation of a business strategy.

Business Diagnostics
Business Diagnostics to assessing the status of a company, identifying problems and proposing solutions. These diagnoses may cover organizational, financial or comprehensive aspects of the entire business.

Development of Organizational and Operational Manuals
Development of Organization Manuals and functions, as well as of all areas of a company. It can also include human resources system documentation, analysis of the working environment and any document for the operation of a company.

Management Information Systems
Development of Business Management Information Systems in order to simplify the management of company-wide information, and its analysis through the generation of reports for the decision-making process.

Costing and Business Financial Analysis
Cost Analysis, ABC Costing and Business Financial Analysis to promote business efficiency through cost analysis and revenue generation tools.

Economic and Labor Economics Research
Economic research studies on business sectors and labor economics.

Business Plans, Market Studies and Company Valuation
Development of Business Plans or Feasibility Studies, as well as preparation of market research and valuation of companies in order to strengthen the decision-making process in business investments. The market and financial viability of investing in a business is assessed, as well as the valuation of companies for making decisions on the sale or purchase of companies.

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